Bryn Aber Bach was built during the second half of the 18th century as part of a row of farm workers' cottages that includes Fron Heulog, the cottage next door. There were similar wooden structures built even earlier on the same site. These stone cottages would have belonged to Bryn Aber, which at that time was the village general store and later also became the village post office. Much of the farmland around the village would have been owned by Bryn Aber and the few other houses that surrounded the Church of St. Cybi. Farm labourers and their families would have lived in Bryn Aber Bach.
Originally the cottage was used as a home for both people and their livestock. The kitchen was a byre, where animals would have been kept during the winter months. The bedroom above was a hayloft. The living room was the main family room, with the large fireplace as the homes centrepiece. The rear window of the lounge was originally a simple hole in the wall with a metal hopper in place. This hopper would have been used to dispense food waste from the family room into the pig sty which was located where the hot tub now sits. The main bedroom would have been the family sleeping area, possibly sectioned into two smaller rooms.
At some point in the late 18th or early 19th century the cottages were abandoned, possibly when much of the farmland owned by Bryn Aber was sold off. From then on Bryn Aber Bach was used as a store for Bryn Aber which still serviced the village as general store and post office. In 1971 Bryn Aber Bach was added to The Listed Building Register as a Grade 2 property.
In 1980 the last of Bryn Abers farmland was sold off and the property changed from a shop and became a family home. The cottage now with no useful purpose fell into disrepair and eventually became a dilapidated ruin. 
In 2004 the property was bought by the previous owner who undertook a complete restoration and created the charming cottage we see today. It was completed in 2008 and has operated as a holiday let ever since. 
In the summer of 2021 we purchased both Bryn Aber Bach and Bryn Aber. The cottage has been completely redecorated, re-carpeted and refurbished. The rear garden area has been redesigned and landscaped to allow for the installation of the hot tub spa and al fresco dining area.
Bryn Aber Bach, once a humble farmer workers cottage, a home for pigs and cattle, a storehouse and a dilapidated ruin is now a delightful holiday escape and a base from which to explore the timeless beauty of the Llyn Peninsula and majestic Snowdonia Mountains.
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